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Turn your New Year's Eve party into a fiesta with these flavorful recipes from Ivy Stark's new cookbook, Dos Caminos: Mexican Street Food. Street food is designed to be eaten standing up, with limited utensil use, which translates wonderfully to a bustling holiday party scene.

Chef Stark, now the executive chef at Dos Caminos, began her love affair with food at a young age thanks to parents' emphasis on trying new things. She had her first jalapeno at the age of five and was trying frog legs by age seven. At eight years old, she was taking cooking classes at the YMCA. She now combines her classic culinary training with her many Mexican adventures and love of that cuisine to develop her recipes for the restaurant, recipes that are tasty, unpretentious and meant for sharing.

For sharing at your New Year's Eve party, serve Ivy's Bacon Taquitos. As Ivy says, these bacon bites are close to being the perfect food -- they "taste at once crunchy, smoky, and earthy as the flavors combine in each mouthful."

Dos Caminos, Park Avenue - NYC

Photo by: Noah Fecks ©Noah Fecks

Noah Fecks, Noah Fecks

And what better way to wash them down than with some Tequila Punch? Serving punch keeps the party going without you having to step away to mix up individual drinks. Ivy's combination is a twist on sangria, with plenty of fresh fruit. Add in a few grapes for good luck in the new year!

Dos Caminos, Park Avenue - NYC

Photo by: Noah Fecks ©Noah Fecks

Noah Fecks, Noah Fecks

And don't forget the hangover food for New Year's Day. Ivy's Poblano Crepes are delicious filled with scrambled eggs, dressed up with sauteed lobster or crab for a decadent New Year's Day brunch, or with whatever leftovers you have on hand.

Or recover with a plate of chilaquiles. This classic Mexican casserole is commonly eaten after a long night of partying.

So how about it? Turn your New Year's Eve party into an unforgettable Mexican fiesta. Check out Chef Stark's cookbook, Dos Caminos: Mexican Street Food, for more recipes.

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