A Food Hoarder's Kitchen

By: Kevin Bender
Stuffed: Food Hoarders

Are you a food hoarder?  Food hoarding is defined by three basic characteristics:

  • Excessive acquisition of food
  • Inability to organize it
  • Extreme discomfort getting rid of it

This  Sunday @ 8pm ET, join Cooking Channel for a glimpse into the world of people who can't part with their food in  Stuffed: Food Hoarders.

Stuffed: Food Hoarders

The compulsion can take over lives and negatively impact relationships with their family and friends. But with the help of certified personal organizers, they can begin the process of cleaning out and starting fresh.

But it won't be easy...
Food Hoarders Stiffed

Tune in to Stuffed: Food Hoarders at Sunday @ 8pm ET.

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