The Four Coursemen: Back for Adventure

By: Kevin Bender
Four Coursemen Adventure

The Four Coursemen are five Food Person friends from Athens, GA who share a passion for creating delicious meals with local, sustainable ingredients.

You might remember them from their exploits  last year, but now they're back for adventure!

In The Four Coursemen Adventure, airing Sunday @ 8pm, this brave epicurean quintet will take on a risky mission.

The challenge: these five friends will only have 48 hours to source, create, cook, and serve a five-course meal to thirty hungry diners.

Oh - and they'll have no idea where in the US they'll be cooking until two hours before they catch their plane.  That's what we call an adventure!

Four Coursemen On The Road

The Coursemen are comprised of Matt, whose expertise is meats; Patrick, who specializes in seafood, soups and sauces; Eddie, who is a master of charcuterie and sauces, but has a passion for pastry; Damien, the pasta ace, with an affinity for desserts; and Nancy, a whiz at pairing wine, beer and cocktails.

Their food is always delicious, local, and unique: Goat Cheese Ice Cream, anyone?
The Four Coursemen in the Kitchen
The Four Coursemen Plating
Check out this killer Lamb Shanks in Hay recipe:
Lamb Shanks in Hay Recipe

Catch The Four Coursemen Adventure Sunday at 8PM!
What's your best (or worst) Food Person feast / dinner party story?

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