Birthday Cake Oreos: America's Favorite Cookie Turns 100

By: Kevin Bender

It's official: One of America's favorite sandwich cookies is turning 100.

At Cooking Channel, we're especially excited to celebrate, since our office is located in the New York City Food Person landmark Chelsea Market. The first Oreo rolled off the line 100 years ago at NBC, or the National Biscuit Company, in the space were Chelsea Market currently stands.

And what better way to celebrate than by fusing Oreos with what every person, pet, and cookie deserves on its birthday: BIRTHDAY CAKE.

That's right: The flavor gurus at Nabisco have created a new birthday cake-flavored Oreo complete with rainbow sprinkle-flecked creme (obviously). And you better believe this Cooking Channel staffer tore open a box and tasted these birthday-cake bites of bliss.

The Taste Test:
  • These Oreos are sweet -- sweeter than the original variety. The creme filling, flecked with rainbow sprinkles throughout, tastes like birthday cake batter and frosting. If you like cake batter ice cream or Funfetti cake, these Oreos are for you.
  • A few fellow staffers think they are too sweet. I say, if you open a box of Oreos and expect them not to be sweet, that's your problem. If you can't handle the birthday cake, get out of the cookie jar. 
  • The sweetness of the rainbow creme is nicely balanced by the not-too-sweet classic chocolate wafer.
  • One taste-tester noticed that, due to the special design imprinted on the cookie to celebrate 100 years (pictured above), there are less ridges on the chocolate waver cookie, so the cookies have less surface area. The point? These Birthday Cake Oreos can withstand a good 10-second dunk in a glass of milk and still retain their crunch, unlike the Originals which get soggy faster. A definite plus in our book.
  • If I had to give constructive criticism, the rainbow creme is a bit more liquid than the vanilla creme center of the Original Oreo, which can make for a messier Oreo-eating experience.
  • Yes -- we know you're wondering -- the milk does turn slightly rainbow-colored when you dunk (think Froot Loops milk).

While they're delicious on their own, why not wow your friends or family this weekend and take them to new levels of Birthday Cake Oreo Ecstasy with one of these easy recipes?

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Happy Birthday, Oreos, from Cooking Channel!
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