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It's Chocolate Week on Cooking Channel, which means you can tune in for our best chocolate-themed shows  and get our top 50 chocolate dessert recipes. And since some of you just can't get enough of this decadent ingredient, we though we'd share some new ways to look at chocolate.

Here are 5 unique twists on chocolate:

Photo by: Kathryn Cooper

Kathryn Cooper

1. Pan-Seared Scallops With White Chocolate Beurre Blanc

On Kelsey's Essentials, Kelsey gets inspired to incorporate white chocolate into a beurre blanc. She pairs pan-seared scallops with the sauce for a dish that may sound strange, but is absolutely delicious.

2. Chocolate Soup Dumplings

Dessert meets dumpling at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in New York City. The star of their dessert menu is the Chocolate Soup Dumpling. There are three components to the dumplings -- the wrapper, the chocolate and the black sesame seeds that coat it. The end result is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

3. Beef Stew With Chocolate

You've probably heard of adding chocolate to chili (No? Well, check it out!), but David Rocco takes the same principles and adds a bit of chocolate to his beef stew. The dish is called Spezzatino di Manzo al Cioccolato. Rocco says to stop thinking about chocolate as candy and start to think of it as a spice. Once you do, the possibilities are endless.

Photo by: Kathryn Cooper

Kathryn Cooper

4. Chocolate Pasta

Kelsey isn't done trying new things with chocolate. Here, she turns a normally savory dish into a chocolate-lover's dream dessert by working chocolate into pasta dough and then tossing the noodles with a chocolate-hazelnut sauce.

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5. Panini With Chocolate and Brie

Giada builds a panini out of sourdough bread, chocolate, brie and a touch of basil. The sour flavor of the bread brings out the sweetness in the chocolate, and the brie's buttery flavor and oozy texture makes the final dish out of this world.

In case you haven't gotten your chocolate fill just yet, here are some more unique ways to use chocolate:

What's your favorite chocolate dish?

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