Nothing Like Grandma's Cooking

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Mo Rocca and His Grandmother

Nothing beats Grandma's cooking. It's soul-satisfying: delicious food enjoyed in a houseful of family members. And for Mo Rocca, he'll never forget the Sunday suppers his grandmother used to host, with her ravioli as the centerpiece. Unfortunately, Mo's grandmother passed away before he was able to learn her ravioli recipe. In fact, Mo can't really cook at all.

But it's never too late to learn, and Mo is going straight to the masters: grandmothers and grandfathers. Tune in to My Grandmother's Ravioli this Sunday at 8pm ET as Mo pulls out all the stops to get grandmothers and grandfathers to share their family recipes.

Mo Rocca and Milla

Mo's first stop is New Jersey, where Mila teaches him how to make her Philippine version of paella (complete with a crucial secret ingredient). The dish is the centerpiece of her birthday party, where she gets a surprise visitor.

Mo Rocca and Pop

Mo meets Pop, an Italian grandfather who learned how to cook after his wife passed away. Pop has a passion for traditional Italian specialties and shares his recipes for Focaccia and Rabbit Cacciatore with Mo.

It's a delicious hour celebrating the American melting pot of food, family and creating memories. Tune in to My Grandmother's Ravioli Sunday at 8pm ET.

Recipes From the Show

Who does Mo need to learn from next? Let us know! Simply leave the first name only of the grandmother or grandfather, plus a brief story of their best dish, in the comments below, and Mo could be paying them a visit soon.

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