Choice Eats: The Best Restaurant Bites in New York City

By: Victoria Phillips
David's Brisket

When you put more than 80 of New York City’s top restaurants in one room, they’re going to show off a little. This year’s Village Voice Choice Eats Annual Tasting was no exception. The 69th Regiment Armory was packed to the brim with bites from eateries showcasing the diverse and creative landscape of the city’s cuisine.

All-American brisket sandwiches, ice cream and pulled pork shoulder all made appearances, but so did more ethnic flavors and dishes like Vietnamese style tofu, an arctic char crudo and even powdered olive oil (say what!?).

Brooklyn’s Egg, for one, presented a beautiful plate of roasted root vegetables. Simple yet refreshing, beets and carrots were the star of this bright dish with puffed barley and buttermilk dressing.

Egg Beet Salad

The Blue Stove in Brooklyn has sweet and savory bites alike, but the bakery's Baby Bourbon Balls are off-the-charts good. With each bite, the bourbon flavor seeps into the extra moist chocolate cake without being overwhelming.

bourbon balls
Other great dishes we saw:
Tenpenny's BBQ Bacon with "Slaw" Custard
Bowery Diner's Pancakes + Bacon with Maple Syrup
Porchetta's Porchetta Ragu on Toasted Crostini
Goat Town's Goat Face Killa Sangwich
ZuZu Ramen's Pork Belly and Kimchi Rice
Mexico Lindo's Oaxacan Style Chicken Tamales with Mole Poblano

Check out all our favorites of the night in our Best Bites Photo Gallery.

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