How to Make David Rocco's Lemon 'Ndunderi

By: Cameron Curtis

David Rocco heads back to Italy — this time to explore the Amalfi coast. Tune in Sunday for the premiere of  David Rocco's Amalfi Getaway as he experiences the food, countryside and people that make this part of Italy so iconic.

In the first episode, David discovers the uses of the famous Amalfi lemon. This lemon is sweeter and juicier than other lemons and it's flavor is unbeatable. And while I didn't have any of those succulent Italian lemons on hand, that didn't stop me from satisfying my craving for his Lemon 'Ndunderi, which features a creamy lemon sauce.

How to Make Lemon ‘Ndunderi

The dough ingredients alone were enough to sell me on making it for dinner: ricotta cheese, Parmesan, semolina flour, eggs and just a touch of all-purpose flour.

Knead the ricotta, semolina and eggs together to create a flaky dough.

Then add the parmesan cheese and flour a little bit at a time until the dough becomes consistent.

Roll small balls of the dough into 1-inch thick strips and cut each strip into 1-inch pieces.

Now comes the tricky part. To get the nice groves on each piece of pasta, roll it down the back of a fork with your fingers and make an indent into each piece with your thumb. With David's large batch, you'll have plenty of practice.

This recipe makes enough 'ndunderi for at least 6 people.

It only took me a little practice before my 'ndunderi started to look as professional as David's. Once you're finished with the pasta, it's time to start on the cream sauce. Combine melted butter, heavy cream, lemon juice and lemon zest in a saute pan. After cooking the fresh pasta for just a few minutes, add it to the cooked-down cream mixture and continue to cook until the sauce fully coats each 'ndunderi.

Top each dish with a heavy helping of Parmesan cheese, and you're set to enjoy a delicious feast that will transport you to the coast of Italy.

Tune in to David Rocco's Amalfi Getaway this Sunday at 1:30pm ET to see David serving up this dish.

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