Reinventing the Meal

Tune into Reinventing the Meal this Sunday at 8pm ET with Chef Richard Blais. Join Blais as he seeks out unique purveyors, off-the-beaten-path ethnic kitchens & "wild card" foodie spots, collecting ingredients and insight as he goes.

Chef Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef: All Stars, goes from source to table across California before bringing the ingredients back into the kitchen to "reinvent" a meal.

He begins his journey of culinary discovery by seeking out fresh oysters from Tomales Bay in Marin County, Calif. Blais likes his oysters raw and as fresh as can be, and it doesn't get fresher than eating one straight out of the bay.

Next, he visits Soul Food Farms in Vacaville, Calif., to get farm-fresh chickens and eggs. Then he heads to The Epicurean Connection in Sonoma, Calif., to learn the secrets of artisanal cheese making. His next stop is Little City Gardens, which offers some of the freshest produce in San Francisco.

After collecting his ingredients, it's time to get a lesson from an expert. Blais pays a visit to the home of Veena N.K., a “Tiffin Lady” who caters authentic Southern Indian meals. Veena instructs Blais on the secrets of Indian spices – and gives him spices and yogurt to use in his meal.

Inspired by the farm-fresh ingredients and what he learned in Veena’s kitchen, Blais “reinvents” a traditional Indian menu by hosting a dinner party for the organizers of the 3rd I South Asian Film Festival.

The menu includes:


• Oysters with Pickled Asian Pear Mignonette and Gingered Yogurt "Pearls"


• Roti Crepes with Ricotta Cream Cheese, Roasted Apple Chutney and Pickled Radish


• Cast Iron Tandoori Chicken with Curry Leaf Kale and Garam Masala Braised Chickpeas


• Curried Cauliflower and Potato Salad with Cilantro Emulsion


• Raita Ice Cream with Indian Pistachio Brittle

Be sure to tune into Reinventing the Meal this Sunday at 8pm ET.

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