Easter Candy from the Edge

This weekend, it doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, because a common devotion unites us all: candy.

Your baskets may floweth over with the usual sugary suspects, but we figured that -- as two girls who soaked a Peep in absinthe then set it on fire for our cocktail video series -- we owe it to you to bring you the weirdest holiday confections we could find, like the Minecraft Peeps above. Behold zombie bunnies, gilded edible Jesuses, Peeps behaving badly and matzah houses so boggling, you’ll wonder why they weren’t condemned. 

Zombie Chocolate Bunny

Crucified Peep

Jesus Cupcakes

Peep Lip Balm

Bronzed Chocolate Jesus

Matzah House Madness

Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are best friends who met outside a tragically hip dive bar in Los Angeles. Together, they created the cocktail abomination called the McNuggetini. You can find them on Cooking Channel stirring up Drinks with Alie and Georgia, getting schooled on Classy Ladies and devouring desserts for Unique Sweets. Find out more about them here.

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Reinvent your leftover peeps and chocolate bunnies into a new sweet treat: Easter Candy Bark.

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