Food Fight - Hunger Games Edition: Peeta Vs. Pita

By: Mark Levine

Flat bread goes head-to-head with District 12 Darling. It's on!

Hails from:  Panem
Personal Interests:

Baking ( particularly goat cheese and apple tarts)
Fave Hangout:

Cool mud, eyeball-deep
You Feel Me?
Sensitive, romantic bread-burner with a big heart
Loved for:
Sexy blonde hair, winning smile, diplomacy
Happiest with:
Hails from:  The Middle East
Personal Interests:
Getting baked
Fave Hangout:

Clay ovens...toasted
You Feel Me?
Tender bad boy but with an edge -- never flakey
Loved for:
Golden (brown) child, staggering versatility
Happiest with:

Get a battlefield full of Pita-Friendly Dips here:

For everything Peeta and Hunger Games, visit the official Hunger Games movie site.

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