The Best Street Food In New York City

By: Roberto Ferdman

From Mexican to Middle Eastern and everything in between, food trucks have taken the food nation by storm. Since the second season of Eat Street premiered back in October, we've only gotten more stoked on all the new mobile eats that have been popping up.

This past week, the Village Voice hosted their first ever Choice Streets event in New York City. Featuring some of the city's best food trucks — new and old — we couldn't help but bring our empty stomachs over for a bite, or twenty. Check out some of our favorites, as well as easy recipes to make your own version or recreate the flavors at home.

1. Shrimp Rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound (pictured above)

Tossed in mayo along with celery and chive, their shrimp salad was sandwiched between a buttered top split bun before it was sprinkled with a healthy dose of old bay seasoning .

2. Cheesesteaks from Phil's Steaks

Soft white bread came filled with salty beef, peppers, mushrooms and - of course - melted cheese.

3. Salted Caramel Cupcakes from the  Cupcake Crew

These sweet little morsels were nice and moist, and came sprinkled with a healthy dose of coarse sea salt.

4. Tacos al Pastor from Mexico Blvd.

Pork tenderloin tacos were topped with onion, cilantro and pineapple and served with delicious, guacamole-topped chips.

Similar Recipe: Chuck's Tacos al Pastor
5. Falafel and Hummus from Taim

Crunchy, just-fried falafel came served with a side of Taim's homemade hummus.

Similar Recipe: Tofu Edamame Falafel
6. Pupusas from Solber Pupusas

Cheese pupusas were topped with pickled onions, salsa and sour cream.

Similar Recipe: Salvadorian Pupusas

7. Ginger and Basil Ice from Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

The perfect palate cleanser, this quirky ginger-flavored ice came topped with chopped basil.

Check out more food truck faves on Eat Street, Tuesdays at 8pm ET.

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