Best Videos of Animals Eating

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The Internet is a vast space where one can find knowledge, inspiring personal stories and, most importantly, endless videos of animals. We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve spent countless hours of our lives stuck in an animal video k-hole. Because we love you and would hate to think of you wasting your time, below you can find a concise collection of our favorite kind of animal videos: videos of animals eating (aside from inter-species cuddling of course, because c’mon). Without further ado, we present our favorite 10 videos of animals eating.

Let the noms begin!
Is it weird that we want to go to brunch with Ginger?

Puppy Freaks Out Over Lime

Hampster Noms

A Collaboration Set To An Annoying Song

Cat Eating Sour Cream

Cute Monkey Eats Watermelon

Siamese Cat Eating A Banana

And our favorite Internet cat of all (sorry Maru), Winston. Owned by the awesome Rich of Four Four.

And there you have it: Our 10 favorite videos of animals eating. Now, what did we miss?


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