Food Fight -- Magic Mike vs. Juicy Lucy

By: Kevin Bender
As this Friday's release of Warner Bros.' Magic Mike approaches, stripper/actor  Channing Tatum and his greased-up sidekicks have got us thinking: Do we have something that can match their level of hot, beefy goodness?

Yes we do, and her name is Lucy. Our Juicy Lucy Burger is ready to challenge Mike for the title of Hottest Sizzling Beefcake of the Summer (HSBOTS).

Hails from:  Tampa, FL
Personal Interests:
Getting pumped at the gym, Facebook
Fave Hangouts:

Strip club, Bachelorette parties
Beef-O-Meter Rating:
Off the charts
Loved for:
Buns of steel, bronze muscles, happy endings
Happiest with:
Hails from:  Minneapolis, MN
Personal Interests:
Getting charred in bacon grease, Twitter
Fave Hangouts:
Beef-O-Meter Rating
It's double-stacked, people
Loved for:
Toasty buns, golden cheddar, crispy bacon
Happiest with:
So, who's the HSBOTS:  Magic Mike or Juicy Lucy?

The good news is that we don't have to choose.

If this competition has got you  hot and bothered, don't faint just yet. We've got tips to help you handle the heat.

Tips to Handle The Heat:
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