Wines That Pair Best With Burgers

By: Rupa Bhattacharya
What Wines Pair With Burgers

One of the best-kept secrets of burgers is how well wine works as an accompaniment. Sure, you’re used to firing up the grill with a beer in hand, but a few well-chosen wines might just change your mind.

Here are 3 wines to consider when you're serving backyard burgers:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is famous as a steak pairing – and what’s a burger, anyway, besides a ground-up steak? Cab’s dark red berries play well with anything beefy, while herby tannins keep the meat’s richness in check.
  • Merlot is a slightly-more-easygoing alternative to Cabernet – more berries and sweet, less herby and bracing. Think of it as Cabernet meets casual Friday, with the same delicious effect.
  • Syrah is spicy and peppery-smoky, with sweet red fruit. Think about why bacon’s good on a burger (spice, smoke). Now think about why ketchup’s good on a burger (sweet red fruit). Now think about Syrah and a burger. See?

Looking for a great wine to get started? Meet entwine, Food Network's line of wines that are perfect on their own or paired with food.

Now that you know what to drink, check out our best burger recipes and get grilling.

What Wines Pair With Burgers

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