The Dark Knight Rises: Indulge Your Dark Side

By: Kevin Bender

Every time we view the trailer for the final film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, we find ourselves in a dark and dangerous mood. And whenever we get in a dark and dangerous mood, there's only one thing that will satisfy: deep, dark chocolate desserts. Just like the bat-signal, our cravings must be answered.

Fortunately, we've got plenty of lethal dark chocolate recipes on Cooking Channel. So go ahead: Indulge your dark side. 

Our Favorite Dark Chocolate Recipes:

Mark Bittman's Chocolate Souffle -- it's the ultimate "dark" indulgence that also "rises".

Laura's French (aka sexy) cake oozes dark chocolate -- molten, hot liquid is a sure sign of danger.

These dangerous bacon-chocolate chunk cookies -- and Nadia G. herself -- will lure you to the dark side.

Sweet vs. salty, good vs. evil: Who will prevail? We should probably think this through over a thick slice of cake.

"The Dark Knight Rises" opens on Friday, July 20. Watch the trailer below:

More Ways to Indulge Your Dark Side:

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