Favorite Food Podcasts

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If you have a computer, a microphone and half a brain, you can have a podcast. No matter where your interests lie, or what kind of person you are: from comedy to drama, pregnant to geriatric, psychic to Mormon, there's pretty much a podcast for every walk of life. And since all of those groups mentioned have to eat to survive, you can bet there's a plethora of podcasts for those who love to feast.

Below is a list of our very favorite food podcasts, so you'll have something to do between meals. A warning, though: Just as you're not supposed to go to the grocery store hungry, we also advise you not to listen to these podcasts on an empty stomach.

Alie & Georgia's Favorite Food Podcasts

This is one of those podcasts that make being stuck in traffic OK, if not downright pleasurable. Always smart and funny, Rico and Brendan will make even the most socially anxious people look forward to a dinner party by doling out tips and how-to's in the wide world of dinner parties. Rad guests, like Patti Smith, Jon Hamm, and Patton Oswald impart their knowledge of all things mingling, music, food and manners.

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