10 Things to Know About Eden Grinshpan

The lovely host/world food adventurer of Cooking Channel's new series Eden Eats shared her most awesome food experiences with us.

Meet Eden. She's the host of Cooking Channel's new series Eden Eats (premiering August 17th). Join her each episode as she spends 24 hours in one city, searching for authentic international cuisine and global food experiences, all without leaving the United States. She's on a mission to prove you don't need a passport to taste the world.

To get primed for the premiere, we caught up with the host and asked her to share details about her own foodie experiences. Here are 10 facts to know about Eden.

The Most Bizarre Food I've Ever Eaten: Balut or in other words, fertilized duck embryo egg.

My Next Must-Go Foodie Destination: New Orleans. I can't wait to take a beignet shower.

My Food Passion: Growing up, my dad would always encourage us to try new foods. I learned early on that by exploring the foods of the countries I went to was a great way to learn about the people and the culture.

My Ultimate Food Experience: When I first got to Thailand I went absolutely crazy! I did not hold back at all. There was no breakfast lunch or dinner -- there was just "meal" and it lasted all day long.

My Favorite Eden Eats Discovery: That spaghetti is a staple in Somalia because Italy colonized there.

My Signature Dish: Moroccan lamb tagine. I have an obsession with Moroccan food.

My Favorite Childhood Dishes: Sunday brunch with my family was always my favorite: warm fresh bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese, herring, smoked chubs and my dads famous tomato salad.

My Favorite Food Trend: I would love to see more family style restaurants open -- ones where you feel like you are eating at Mama's table. But frozen meals need to get the boot.

If I Wasn't Into Food I'd Be: A backup dancer for The Backstreet Boys reunion tour.

The Food Person I Most Admire: Andrew Zimmern is my absolute fave. He is so sweet. I love how adventurous he is. He makes any situation seem comfortable and fun. He's so great with the people and is extremely respectful of all cultures.

For more from Eden, tune into Eden Eats August 17th on Cooking Channel.

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