Scented iPhone Cases? The Future is Now

By: Lauren Miyashiro

Bored with Siri and so over Temple Run? Perhaps the time has come to turn your ordinary iPhone from cell phone to smell phone with a scented case. Forget cute chevron patterns or expensive designers. Think Jelly Belly, chocolate, and strawberry crème.

Mashable put together a sweet gallery filled with six scented case and skin sellers. As if the idea wasn’t wacky enough, the flavors themselves are pretty out there, too (or perhaps you were on the look-out for a cover that smells like fresh-baked bread).

We’re certainly curious about these fragrant accessories for many reasons. Should you avoid late night calls with the coffee aroma? Would that telemarketer sound more like a sweetie with a Dylan’s Candy Bar Case? Could the black licorice cover polarize friendships? But most of all, do the phones actually smell good?
Tell us how you feel: What flavor do you want to try? Or is this a food fashion that you’re just not into?

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