Boys of Summer: Your Perfect Respite From the Summer Olympics

Cooking Channel is serving up mini-marathons in primetime of The Boys of Summer (Bobby Deen, Bobby Flay, and Alton Brown) -- the perfect respite from the 2012 London Olympics.
By: Kevin Bender
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Despite our whining about the length of the opening ceremonies, we really love the Olympics. 

BUT every now and then, we need a break.

We're already sick of some rivalries (looking at you, Phelps and Lochte). And sometimes the tension is just too much to take.

We hear you. That's why this week  Cooking Channel is serving up mini-marathons in primetime of The Boys of Summer (Bobby Deen, Bobby Flay and Alton Brown) -- the perfect respite from the 2012 London Olympics.


If tiny soaring 4'10'' gymnasts and scantily-clad buff and bronzed swimmers have you feeling a bit out of shape, Bobby Deen is the answer to your prayers. In six back-to-back episodes, Bobby recreates his mom's legendary (and highly caloric) recipes to be lighter on your wasteline while still packing a huge flavor punch. Watch Bobby cook his way through Game Time Chili Dogs, Monster Mushroom Burgers, Whole Wheat Donut Bread PuddingHeavenly Milkshakes, Gooey (With Less) Butter Cakes and more.

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Tired of the Lochte vs. Phelps battle? We have the ultimate competition: Bobby Flay challenging the country's best to a culinary duel. Watch him take on the American Kings and Queens of Burgers, PizzaGrilled Cheese, Cheesesteaks and more in five back-to-back episodes. Who will take home the gold medal?
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If quirky food knowledge were an Olympic event, Alton Brown would be the man to beat. Satisfy your Olympic-sized appetite with " The Man Food Show" episode, and get Alton's best party recipes (beer and dips) with " Amber Waves" and " Dip Madness."

Baked Macaroni and Cheese; Alton Brown

Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

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