Vote for the Best Thing on Sliced Bread

We've put photos of some of our favorite sandwich recipes from some of our favorite chefs on Pinterest. Find out how to vote for your favorite.

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The Best Thing on Sliced Bread

Next week is "Sandwich Week" on Cooking Channel, which means our best chefs will be topping bread with transcendent combinations of fresh produce, succulent meats and creamy spreads each day. It kicks off Sunday night at 8pm ET with the upper crust of television specials, The Best Thing On Sliced Bread. Food writer Troy Johnson will hit five states (Georgia, Maine, Missouri, California and Oregon), seeking out the most mouth-watering sandwiches the country has to offer (like the Pork Belly Cubano from Bunk Sandwiches in Portland, OR, pictured above.)

But we didn't think Troy should have all the fun. So we've put photos of our favorite sandwich recipes (including the five featured in the special) on a Pinterest board titled Best Thing on Sliced Bread. Here's where you come in: Browse through the photos and re-pin the sandwich you like best. You can also pin your own sandwich (either homemade or from your favorite restaurant) and include the tag #BestThingOnSlicedBread. Each re-pin serves as a vote for that sandwich as the best of the group. Next week we'll tally the repins and let you know which 'wich made the top cut.

Vote For Your Favorite Sandwich
  1. Go to the Best Thing on Sliced Bread Pinterest board
  2. Re-pin from the sandwiches there or add your own to the mix
  3. Spread the word and help your sandwich be crowned the Best Thing on Sliced Bread

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