Candy Corn Oreos

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Oreos, those cookies that have been around for a century — they just celebrated their 100th birthday this year — are an icon in the food world, or rather, they're an icon in the bigger scheme of things. That’s because when you’re the world’s top-selling cookie, you have the clout to be more than just a sweet treat. The Oreo brand may have originally been known around the world for its creme-filled chocolate cookie sandwiches — in fact, it has become the generonym for any cookie like it — but it’s become much more than that. Oreos are a part of culture, and their public support of gay rights early this year — and the subsequent praise and backlash of it — has shown that Oreos aren't just cookies. They're cookies with influence.

With that said, Nabisco, creator of Oreos, can pretty much do whatever it wants with the prized cookies, and over the years, it has; Oreos come in different iterations of the classic recipe, from Double Stuf to Mini Oreos, but it’s not just about size. The standard formula has been tweaked for specific markets — for example, in Japan there’s green tea-flavored creme filling — and now, for the upcoming Halloween holiday, there are candy corn-flavored Oreos.

Obviously, it’s always a buzzworthy thing when the standard Oreo comes in a new version, even if it is for just a limited time. Candy Corn Oreos are only available for the next several weeks, to capitalize on Halloween hype.

But are they worth their own hype?

The Candy Corn Oreos do follow the basic criteria: creme filling sandwiched between two cookies. And they’re still perfect for the actions one takes with Oreos. You can still split them apart to lick the inside first and/or dunk them in a glass of milk. However, not only is the filling different — it’s flavored like candy corn and comes in the equal parts orange and yellow — but the outside cookies stray away from the norm. The cookies are vanilla, not chocolate.

Final Verdict: 2.5 (out of 5) stars.

Perhaps the fact that both the filling and the outside cookie have been changed is what makes this flavor unlike any Oreo — and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. With both main components of an Oreo gone, this new version actually ceases to be an Oreo; the only thing remaining is the same pattern and brand on the exterior. Sure, it’s sweet, and it makes you yearn for milk, but all it really did for me was make me crave the original. The chocolate cookie outside is such a main element of an Oreo — it’s the cookie, not the creme, that makes an Oreo taste like an Oreo when crumbled in a milkshake — and it’s absent here. The candy corn filling mildly tastes like candy corn, which is fine; it’s not actual candy corn after all, just the flavor of it.

Don’t get me wrong, Candy Corn Oreos are decent — they’re good enough. But if you’re craving Oreos, these may not be what you’re looking for. However, if you do so happen to get some when trick-or-treating this Halloween, cherish them as a collector’s item. Who knows if they’ll ever come back?

Erik Trinidad is the author of Fancy Fast Food: Ironic Recipes with No Bun Intended, based off his popular food humor blog.

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