The World Domination of Polka Spot the Llama on The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Find out how Polka Spot the llama on the Fabulous Beekman Boys traveled the world as an international superstar and fashionista.

Without a doubt, Polka Spot was the break-out star of Season 1 of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. She quickly amassed thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers.

It went straight to her head.

Soon her desire for wanderlust and world domination became too much for the confines of her fenced in portion of the pasture.

For several weeks, we would mysteriously find Polka Spot wandering around various part of the farm. We surveyed all areas of the fence to find a hole where she might be escaping, and with none found, we were at a loss as to how to keep her safe and limit the amount of "llama drama" on the farm.

Several days later, we were sitting on the back porch of the farm looking out at the pasture when the TV crew pulled into the driveway with the production van. Polka Spot had been quietly grazing in the pasture closest to the barn.

With the noise of the vehicle pulling into the driveway, her periscope-like neck looked up and with a few dainty bounces, she sailed right over the fence, landing gently in the yard. She looked like a small, furry Superman coming in for a landing.

After surveying to make sure that the goats were not in danger (her job is to herd and protect them after all!), she calmly walked over to the apple trees and started nibbling away.

Though she's now gone on to travel the world as an international superstar and fashionista, when at home on the farm, Polka Spot is protected by a 7 foot tall fence.

Of course, we told her it was to keep all of her admirers safely at bay. She seems content.

--Brent Ridge
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