Black Friday Kitchen Gadget Deal Roundup

Here is our guide to some of the easiest and cheapest ways to fill your kitchen with gadgets this Friday.
Black Friday Kitchen Deals

Black Friday may not be for the faint of heart. The crowds can be outrageous and the lines can be long. However, for the courageous shopper, the day after Thanksgiving can net some fantastic deals. Here is our guide to some of the easiest and cheapest ways to fill your kitchen with gadgets this Friday.

Bed, Bath and Beyond - Kitchen stuff may fit squarely in the "beyond" category, but that doesn't mean the store doesn't stock a ton of it. Get there early and you can get twenty percent off of everything in the store (Except Dyson vacuum cleaners, for some reason.)

Walmart - Inexplicably, Black Friday starts on Thursday at 8 PM at Walmart. Perfect timing as this is right when politics usually enters family conversation. Avoid the yelling and snag a hand-mixer, a crock pot or a food chopper for just under four bucks.

Kolh's - Head here for a Black and Decker electric can opener, a Bella deep fryer and an Orville Redenbacher popcorn maker for just $13 each! Also, the retailer will also be giving you $15 store credit for every $50 spent. Who needs one popcorn maker when you can have five?

Sears - Everyone's favorite mall department store from childhood is making a big splash this Black Friday, offering up Kenmore refrigerators for up to $1,000 off their usual price. They also have great deals on toasters, coffee makers and other odds-and-ends.

Ace Hardware - Ace is the place ... to get away from family for a few hours on Friday. They have a few ridiculous deals, like $3 for a Kitchen Selectives slow cooker and $10 for a Rubbermaid 24-piece container set. Oh yeah, they also have lots of hardware if you are into that sort of thing.

Target - You like soda? Oh you'll have some soda. Grab a Sodastream Genesis soda maker for $100 and the store will give you a $20 gift card gratis. A Kitchenaid 12-piece cutlery set can also be yours for just $25.

Bergner's - The holiday season demands coffee, and lots of it. How else are you supposed to survive? Head on over to Bergner's where they are slashing their entire stock of coffee makers and related accessories by a whopping 45 percent. Sweet, sweet caffeine.

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