Crackers Jacks Are About to Get Caffeinated

Crackers Jacks are about to get caffeinated.

Remember when America went bacon crazy? For a few years it seemed like you couldn’t open your eyes without seeing the breakfast meat in places it didn’t belong. We may be on the cusp of another wacky food crazy: caffeine.

Caffeine has already extended itself well beyond coffee, showing up in energy drinks, pills and even beef jerky. Now the stimulant’s jittery march toward ubiquity continues with an appearance in a beloved childhood snack. Crackers Jacks are about to get caffeinated.

Frito Lay has announced the pending release of "Cracker Jack'd." This new line of Cracker Jacks features flavors such as “Kickin’ Back Clusters” and "Power Bites." Eating a serving of the snack will net you the same amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. You can pre-order them now, for around $11 for six bags. Your salty caffeine fix will get mailed to you sometime after December 22nd. Also, no toy is included, but with all that caffeine who needs one? You’ll be plenty entertained by rapidly refreshing the same webpage over and over again.

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