What Your Favorite Food Brands Say About Your Political Leanings

Engage, a digital agency based in Washington D.C., has teamed up with Buzzfeed to chart how people will likely vote according to food brands they like on Facebook.
Unless you have been hiding under a rock, which in turn was buried beneath an avalanche, which in turn was tucked beneath a black hole, you no doubt know there is an election tomorrow. Not just any election mind you, a presidential election. If you are currently one of those mysterious undecided voters the news keeps talking about, why not turn to your favorite food brands and chain restaurants for guidance?

Engage, a digital agency based in Washington D.C., has teamed up with Buzzfeed to do some pretty neat food-based data collecting. The goal? To figure out what a person's favorite brands and restaurants says about their political leanings. They did this by culling data from Engage's Trendsetter app, which cross-references polling data with influence and page "likes" from Facebook.

According to their data, if you happen to be a huge Cracker Barrel fan, chances are you are voting for Mitt Romney. If you, however, have an eternal love for Chipotle, you are more likely voting to re-elect President Obama.They arranged the information in convenient chart form, which we've posted for your perusal. Enjoy! Also, don't forget to vote, at the least to prove them right or wrong.

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