A Giant Nutella Truck Packed with Free Goodies Coming to a City Near You

Find out where to get free samples of the renowned chocolate hazelnut spread.

To a Nutella fan, there is no substitute. Peanut butter doesn't cut it. Marshmallow fluff is an abject disappointment. Vegemite is, well, really gross. This spreadable, chocolate hazelnut spread has had quite the cult following since it first appeared on store shelves in the 1960s. The company is trying to spread the brand's cult appeal to as many new people as possible. The company is sending a giant Nutella-emblazoned truck around the country to hand out free samples and let fans take photos with a person-sized inflatable bottle of the sweet crepe filling.

The tour has already swept through the east coast, with stops still scheduled in New Orleans, Texas, California and more. Check out the schedule here. Don't see your city in the list? Just head to Twitter and put up something with the hashtag #Nutella(your city.) If your town gets enough votes, that truck will roll in there faster than a grown man dipping his finger in a bottle of chocolatey, hazlenut goodness.

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