Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Looks Her Best

See how to rock Nadia G.'s style from the Bucket List episode of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen.
By: Nadia G

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Nadia G. Rock This Look

Life is short, so you don't want to be looking like a schlep before you kick the bucket. With Nad's Bucket List Dishes, this RTL, and our cruel (but cheeky) jokes, you’ll be looking pretty fab while you rush to get the most out of life. Especially since – thanks to the BK Crew – you’ve grimly realized that time is running out. Nadia’s look this week is all about having a little fun with simple staple pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Jeremy Scott "Emoticon" Knit Dress

“LOL winky face” has got nothing on this dress. Tell people how you really feel with this Jeremy Scott design. It’s fun, it’s flirty and there’s an emoticon for that. Pair them with tights or black skinny jeans, or go bare-legged like the G-Star. This is the Bucket List episode, after all. You can stop shaving your legs when you’re dead.


If you’re wearing a fitted sweater dress of any kind, you must rock a knee-high boot. It's the law. Heck, we’d even go for the thigh-high – those are mad sexy and you only live once, right!? G.’s sporting "Flanavec" Christian Louboutin's, but you can find some similar styles here.


You want to look good while you’re still around, not point in looking like a zombie until you come back as one. Nads is fresh-eyed with some " Phloof" eye shadow on her lid, some " Saddle" MAC eye shadow on her crease and, finally, " Teddy" MAC eyeliner for some extra definition. Her cheekbones are doused with some " Dainty" MAC Mineralized Blush – usually less intense than the regular blush varieties – and set with a light application of " Laguna" NARS bronzing powder. You’re almost ready to get out there and check “Look so fabulous, a stranger walks into a pole” off your list.


Want to make a statement that screams “I know more about fashion than you do!"? Then the red lips' feistier cousin, orange, is the way to go. It’s not quite as classic and that’s totally acceptable with an amusing outfit like this one. MAC " Morange" lipstick is velvety, vibrant and perfect for both day and night looks. Not only does it take a seriously trendy gal like yourself to have the fashion guts to pull it off, but it can also be super sweet (careful with those cavities) and sly a la Taylor Swift if you’re going for that girl-next-door look.

Nail Polish 

This bit is super important, especially if you want to be around to complete that list of yours. " Street Smart" SpaRitual nail lacquer is 100% vegan. This means that it’s free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene – toxic chemicals you want nowhere near your pretty little hands (or in your mouth – I’m looking at you nail-biters). You can get yours here.

NG's Go-To Accessories

You’ve seen the G star’s arsenal of bracelets this season, right? She’s taken chunking to the next level by sporting her eclectic stacks of M. Cohen Bracelets and her custom-studded pieces all at the same time! We think Ms. G has proven that these pieces go with anything, so whether you’ve given up on life and are rocking sweats, or you’ve bedazzled your office suit for the hell of it, this style is definitely worth a try.

Recipes from Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen's Bucket List Episode

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