Why Josh's Parents Love Visiting the Beekman Farm

There's a reason why the in-laws love paying a visit to Beekman 1802.
Beekman 1802

In this week's episode, the in-laws pay a visit to Beekman 1802.

Lest you think they get special treatment, just like everyone else who pays a visit to the farm, we have a long list of chores for Josh's parents when they arrive from Wisconsin. (They have amazing stamina!)

We asked Dave and Jackie to share why they love coming to Beekman 1802.

Dave says:

The Beekman IS beautiful. Beautiful buildings, fields, the pond, the goats, everything. Beekman is a lot of work. Farmer John is a human machine: goes all the time. Brent doesn't stop from the very early moment he wakes up; he's outside working in the flower gardens, or trimming the lawn, before I even have my coffee. Josh is in the vegetable garden as the sun comes up; he seems to gain strength from the quiet of the morning.

And then there's winter. I haven’t been there in winter ... yet.

And Jackie writes:

Being at Beekman for a weekend is a long string of adjectives. If it is a spring/summer weekend, it is a weekend defined by nature. The usual walking around outside and planting, weeding, thinning, and raising your face to the sun .... hopefully while sitting on that wonderful porch. (That doesn't happen often.) I love the smell of the leftover ashes' "scent" of winter wood fires that are still evident in the chimneys on a humid day. In the fall/winter, a weekend is hot coffee, something baking and a chance for me to clean out the glasses cabinet and polish old wood just to smell the lemon oil. There is beauty out of every window always and peace from within.

Yep, Josh's parents are FABULOUS too!
Josh Kilmer-Purcell's Parents

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