Cheap Burg Alert: Burger King Celebrates 55th Birthday by Selling Whoppers for 55 Cents

As I age, and grow more concerned over the fate of these old bones, I tend to eat fast food less and less. I need something truly innovative, be it in the form of a new bacon shape or new fried chicken shape, to get me in the door of my favorite chain burger joint. You know what also works? Really cheap food.

Burger King, who are no stranger to ridiculous stunts, are planning something special to celebrate their 55th birthday. Their iconic Whopper sandwich will be available for just 55 cents, starting today, December 6th and lasting until Sunday, December 9th. That is four whole days to truly make your stomach the home of the Whopper.

All you have to do is buy a Whopper at the regular price and you’ll get the second one at the reduced rate. Also on the birthday agenda? A video contest and the limited time release of goodies like sweet potato curly fries and the menacing Angry Whopper (pictured above.)


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