Only in Japan: KFC Joins Mile High Club and Darth Vader Gets a Soda

If there is any one country that constantly strives to one-up the rest of the world when it comes to awesome and weird foodstuffs, it’d be Japan. This is the place where Pizza Hut offers a pizza with hot dogs hidden in the crust, after all. Today we shine a delicious light on some of the culinary goings-ons in the land of the rising sun.

First up, Japan Airlines has announced they will begin serving KFC on its flights departing from Tokyo’s Narita Airport. “Air Kentucky", as they are calling it, will sate hungry flyers heading toward New York, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, London and Paris. Fried chicken in the air?! We are lucky to get a bag of peanuts.

Pepsi Japan is inviting beverage seekers to quite literally join the dark side with the release of their Pepsi Energy Cola. The can is black and features Darth Vader in all of his force-having glory. The soda contains ginseng, guarana extract, caffeine and royal honey extract. We are sad to report it contains absolutely no midi-chlorians.


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