Denny’s Opens a Wedding Chapel (Really)

When you picture your dream wedding, do you have visions of Grand Slam breakfasts and surly waitstaff? If so, this new Denny's in, where else, Las Vegas has arrived to make that dream come true. That's right. Introducing the world's first Denny's/wedding chapel hybrid.

The chapel hasn't gone live yet, but in just a few months Denny's patrons will be able to stop in for some pancakes and wedding vows in one fell swoop. The ability to tie the knot isn't the only new thing about this Vegas Denny’s. There is also a full bar, a photo booth and a snazzy updated design.

And since you are slipping on one ring to rule them all, why not nosh on the chain's brand new Hobbit-themed menu as you get hitched? May we suggest Bilbo's Berry Smoothie. Fruit is good luck for newlyweds, or something.


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