Introducing the Flying Machine that Parachutes Burritos Right into Your Mouth

A team at Darwin Aerospace have invented “The World’s First Airborne Mexican Food Delivery System.”
We all love burritos, particularly those cylindrical gut-bombs from Chipotle. However, who wants to put on pants and get in the car just to get a meal? That’s crazy talk. For some, regular delivery does the trick. It’s fast enough and you get to practice saying “have a good day” to the driver. But what if you live in a dilapidated war zone with no functioning roads? How do you get your pinto bean fix then?

Now you can have a wondrous flying machine parachute the burrito into your loving arms. This DIY project by the guys at Darwin Aerospace is billed as “The World’s First Airborne Mexican Food Delivery System.” The restaurant simply pops the burrito in a slot, the slot jettisons the burrito to an unmanned aircraft and that aircraft plays stork by dropping the delicious baby on to your doorstep. This is not science fiction. This is a real thing that actually works! The Wright Brothers are currently doing whatever the opposite of rolling in your grave is.

Of course, there are some hurdles to this being a viable option for your average consumer. Power lines can burn burritos to a crisp and birds, trees and other hazards can ruin a perfectly good lunch. On the plus side, President Obama recently signed a bill which allows for the operation of these kinds of unmanned aircraft throughout the country. So who knows, maybe soon you’ll be getting a burrito the new-fashioned way.

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