The Biz is Back - Rapper Biz Markie Teaches Healthy Cooking Class

Remember Biz Markie? He sang the indubitable 80s hit “Just a Friend.” Biz has had quite the career, producing and appearing on several hit rap albums. He is also a pioneering beatboxer and DJ. In recent years, he’s even gotten into stand up comedy and television commercials.  In short, he is quite the renaissance man.

Let the renaissance continue! In Washington, D.C. there will be a healthy cooking class taught by none other than Biz Markie himself. Biz will teach how to prepare chicken satay in peanut sauce, shrimp and vegetable stir fry, and sugar-free cupcakes.

The hands-on class sold out quicker than you could amuse your friends with a beatbox session. Here's to hoping Biz Markie isn't done with teaching the world how to cook. We'll let you know if he dons the chef's hat once again.

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