Tropicana Unrolls Healthy ‘Farmstand’ Line of Juices

It sure is tough to get kids to eat their vegetables -- not when a delicious pizza or hunk of chocolate lurks around every corner. One of the more successful ways parents have found to keep their kids diet in check is by mixing those veggies in with juice. After all, you can squeeze the juice out of as much kale as you want, but if there's an apple involved, it’ll still taste good.

Tropicana is taking this idea and running with it. Introducing their new 'Farmstand’ line of healthy juices*. When the three flavors roll out next month, they'll feature an array of vegetables you don’t normally see in bottled juice. Some varieties include beets and even sweet potatoes. We didn't even know one could juice a sweet potato. You learn something new every day.

Don't worry. It’s not all bitter veggie. The line will also include popular fruits such as peaches, mangoes, strawberries and bananas. Also, the company plans on spending more than $30 million on marketing and advertising so, who knows, maybe your kids will begin asking you to serve them more vegetables instead of less.

*This claim can't be confirmed by Cooking Channel.

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