Eating out on Christmas Day

Here is a list of what you can expect open this December 25th.
Where to Eat on Christmas

Eating out on Christmas Day is occasionally something you just have to do. This goes doubly if you are a character in A Christmas Story. Chinese restaurants are open, sure, but what about national chain eateries? Here is a list of what you can expect open this December 25th.

Denny’s - Open 24 hours on Christmas Day and, well, every other day. Bilbo's Berry Smoothie cannot be stopped by any holiday.

IHOP, Waffle House, Jack in the Box and Starbucks will all be operating at normal business hours.

Burger King, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Domino’s and Subway will have many locations operating at normal hours. Contact your local franchise to see what their deal is.

The same goes for Taco Bell, Sonic, Pizza Hut and Buffalo Wild Wings. Give them a call so you can celebrate the birth of Christ by celebrating the birth of a seven layer burrito.

Boston Market - Many locations will be open and serving a special Christmas meal for $10.99.

That’s pretty much it. Of course, many of these chain restaurants are owned and operated by individuals so results may vary. Happy holidays!

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