Chicago Clinic Offers Cure for Hangover Blues

Drinking can be fun. Drinking until excess and then suffering the consequences the next day? Not so much. In short, hangovers suck. The headaches. The nausea. The sensitivity to light. It’s enough to drive a humble food blogger crazy. Luckily, a bona fide surgeon in Chicago has decided to do something about it. He’s opened a hangover clinic.

Dr. Jack Dybis and his Revive Hydration Clinic are hoping to make hangovers a thing of the past. If you are suffering, and have $99 to spare, see the doctor and get filled with intravenous fluids and other medications. The process takes around an hour and results are instantaneous, say patrons. If you don’t have $99, however, you can always try my hangover cure, which consists of just laying in bed for around twelve hours as you moan silently to yourself.

The good doctor and his staff say the treatment would also be useful for those battling a cold or flu, those suffering from jet lag or just those obsessed with intravenous fluids.


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