Hue Smart Toaster Toasts Toast to Your Desired Toastiness


Let’s paint a picture, shall we? It’s early morning and you are eagerly anticipating some buttered toast. You lay a couple of slices of bread in your sad, dilapidated toaster and wait. Suddenly, without warning, the toast goes from a nutty brown to a carbon black. You try to slide your butter knife over it but it’s no use. Breakfast is ruined.

Thanks to technology, we may no longer have to suffer that cruel, cruel fate. A designer named Basheer Tome has invented the Hue, the world’s first smart toaster. What makes it so smart? It’ll cook toast to your exact color specification, each and every time. It uses color sensors to track the doneness of your toast, so there is no need to hover over it like a carb-hungry vulture. Cool!

This is not a finished product yet, however. Tome is still putting some finishing touches on his toaster, including coating it with thermochromatic paint so the device itself changes color along with the bread.

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