Los Angeles Eatery Gives Discount if You Hand Over Your Phone

The advent of the smartphone has changed a lot of things in our lives. We can now send pictures of cats with ease. We can now hurl grumpy avians while waiting in line at the DMV. We can also, unfortunately, completely tune out dinner conversation by compulsively checking out Facebook statuses. One California restaurant is trying to nip this annoying modern problem right in the bud.

Eva Restaurant, located on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, will collect your cellphone at the door and in exchange will cut 5 percent from your check total. So far this phone-less promotion has been a huge success for the bistro. Who knew food and pleasant conversation went together so well? Oh wait, everyone knew that.

"No one has ever really criticized the policy," owner and chef Mark Gold said. "We understand that some people -- doctors, parents with kids at home -- need their phones, but everyone has been very positive. The incentive is there for those who want to take it."


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