When It's Okay to Drink

While a nice glass of wine at the end of a bad day sounds pretty darn good, Cooking Channel's Nadia G. is a big believer in drinking to celebrate, rather than forgetting your woes.
By: Nadia G
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Listen, gang. I know some days are just a mess. You pressed snooze four times, you're late, traffic is horrible, someone's in your parking spot, the report you stayed up late finishing is on your desk at home, and someone ate your donut. Managia. While a nice glass of wine at the end of that sounds pretty darn good, I'm a big believer in drinking to celebrate, rather than forgetting your woes.

Cheers to YOU!

Don't wait until you hate the world to down a pretty cosmo. Plan a day where you celebrate your awesomeness; get your hair done, get a massage, and drink some champagne. You'll enjoy the bubbly most when you're happy!

Dinner & Wine

Dinner is a great excuse to sample awesome wines from across North America or around the globe. My bitchin' tip that keeps wine pairings simple, yet engaging: match flavor intensities. Having delicately flavored fish? Research a subtle and delicious white, whose flavor will only come through when not overpowered by the food. Having a saucy rich Jarret of Lamb? Go with a robust red that will stand up to the heavy flavors. Beef dishes, pork dishes ... so many options and so little time!

If you're looking for a loophole, breakfast mimosas are bitchin' and the BK community has a little tradition called #TuesdayBoozeday (you’re welcome). Drink happy!

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