British Man Travels World in Search of Perfect Bowl of Cornflakes

Let’s talk for a minute about obsession. Some of us indulge by collecting records, watching way too much Netflix or eating fast food. One British man, however, is obsessed with cornflakes and he is taking this obsession to the four corners of the globe.

Mick Hobday, of Hampshire, has taken to traveling around the planet in order to taste the perfect bowl of cornflakes. This quest has taken him more than 11 years and more than $56,000 of his own money. All told, he has eaten more than 4,000 bowls of cereal in more than 60 countries. Yeah, this guy is serious.

So far he has yet to find cornflake nirvana, which he describes as “dark, crunchy, organic and locally grown.” Like Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, he will continue to walk a lonely road until perfection has been reached. Somebody get Richard Branson on the horn. Maybe space cornflakes would do the trick.

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