Celebrity Dish: A-list Dinners with David Burtka

David Burtka's the new chef in town, and he’s taking us behind the scenes of the country’s best celebrity-owned restaurants for the inside scoop on their favorite A-list drinks and dishes.
By: Holly Bryce

David Burtka, Host of Celebrity Dish, with Giuliana and Bill Rancic
You don’t have to be a classically trained chef to own a fabulous restaurant — but an Emmy or a Grammy might not hurt. There’s a new chef in town, and he’s taking us behind the scenes of the country’s best celebrity-owned restaurants for the inside scoop on their favorite A-list drinks and dishes.  Meet David Burtka — host of our brand new special, Celebrity Dish. As a successful actor, father of two, partner to legen(wait for it)…dary TV star Neil Patrick Harris and classically trained chef, David knows a thing or two about juggling fame, family and food,  and he’s on a mission to meet and dine with other fellow  famous foodies.  Whether it’s Hollywood, New York or Utah, tons of music and TV stars are breaking into the food and beverage biz with restaurants all over the country, and David’s paying them all a visit to see which culinary creations and cocktails deserve a standing ovation. Things might get pretty swanky, but you don’t need your name on a VIP list to see inside these glamorous and often exclusive establishments — you’re with us.

David’s first stop is the brainchild of one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples, Giuliana and Bill Rancic.   RPM opened last year in downtown Chicago and has very quickly proven that it takes after its owners — it’s a (very sexy) winner. Giuliana and Bill personally oversaw and collaborated on every detail of the diner’s experience, from the restaurant’s chic, modern design, to the authentic Italian recipes on the menu — even the waiters’ smart uniforms were chosen with care (though Giuliana deserves most of the credit on that one). While the restaurant’s sleek aesthetic is reminiscent of a fashionable Milan runway, the menu most definitely screams Naples, where Giuliana was born. Not only is all of RPM’s pasta made in house, from scratch every day, but when it comes to quality control, Giuliana’s (very Italian) mother, “Mama DePandi,” gives the final thumbs up or, quite often, the thumbs down. In fact, it took the head chef 32 taste trials to get “Mama DiPandi’s” famous Bucatini Pomodoro recipe up to snuff by Mama D’s standards. But the woman obviously knows her stuff because despite its simplicity, it’s the best-selling dish on the menu. Have a go at the recipe yourself and you’ll understand why, only don’t be too disappointed if you don’t nail it right away. You know what they say … 32 time’s the charm.

Leaving the love birds behind in Chicago, David continues his celebrity restaurant tour out West. He’s got a date with everyone’s favorite TV Dad, Ty Burrell of Modern Family. Turns out, Ty’s more than just an Emmy award-winning “ cool dad,” he’s a co-owner of the oldest bar in Salt Lake City, Utah — Bar X — that features vintage cocktails and that classic speakeasy feel. What’s Ty’s poison? This Edison street cocktail, a mix of bourbon and grapefruit bitters served in an Absinthe-rinsed glass. Ty, you daredevil you.

David with Gloria Estefan at her restaurant, Larios on the Beach

Ready to shake your body, baby?  How about dinner and dancing with Gloria Estefan at one of her eight restaurants. Done and done — David’s all over it. Party like a rock star? He’ll do that too — with Pete Wentz, the bassist for Fall Out Boy. Pete’s club has a few surprises up its sleeve that you won’t want to miss.

Forget celebrity gossip, folks. This is Celebrity Dish. Make sure you tune at 8pm ET for the premiere.

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