Domino’s France Cooks Up a Pork Fat and Goat Cheese Pizza

Ah, the gentle and rolling hills of France. The landscape is so serene, so beautiful, so, um, porky. That’s right. The French love bacon perhaps even more than we do. Case in point, this decadent new pizza being peddled by Domino’s.

Domino’s France is calling it the Sweet Chevre Pizza, “chevre” being French for “goat cheese.” As such, it features tons of the titular cheese along with a mozzarella base and a healthy portion of creme fraiche. Also on the pie? Honey, onions and, of course, delicious pieces of smoked pork fat. It isn't a pizza without smoked pork fat.

This new pizza is being introduced throughout France and will cost the equivalent of around $9. We have to say that goat cheese and honey combination sounds pretty amazing.

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