This Edible House is Made Entirely Out of Cotton Candy

Imagine being able to eat your own house. You’d never have to suffer through long lines at the grocery store. You’d never have to tip a delivery driver. You’d never have to worry about what’s for dinner. House is for dinner. Well, an artist named Jennifer Rubell has made this notion a reality. Check out her house made entirely out of cotton candy.

This installation may be in the name of art, but the cotton candy is all real. Rubell used nearly 1,800 cones of the stuff in the creation of the house. Now you can eat yourself out of house and home and actually mean it! Zing.

Of course, this is only an art installation so if you want to take a chomp out of your casa you'll have to buy your own 1,800 cones of cotton candy.

By the way, this isn't the only time Jennifer Rubell has messed with our perception of food. Another piece of hers features nutcrackers made out of life-size mannequins.


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