ManHands Soap Gets Your Man Hands Clean and Smelling of Popcorn

It’s flu season and that means keeping our hands clean is of paramount importance. To that end, let us be the first to introduce you to the food-obsessed ManHands soap. This soap will wash away dirt and grime using ‘manly’ scents such as buttered popcorn, coffee and red wine. Also, because this is a product for sale in the world in 2013, there is a bacon scent.

Don’t worry; if you want to get your digits clean without reeking of wine, there are also varieties that are totally unrelated to food. However, these scents are perhaps even stranger. Case in point, you can buy both Republican and Democrat scents. What would those two smell like? We have no idea. Maybe like an elephant and a donkey?

You can get your manly hands on some of this soap for $6 a pop. Also, just to be safe, do not try to eat the popcorn-scented soap. We have better ways to get your popcorn fix.


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