McDonald’s Australia Gets Classy with Table Service and Fine China

Photo: David TeaseWhen people think of McDonald’s they sometimes think of it as iconic, or reliable or able to survive a nuclear explosion and still remain edible. People never think of it as classy, though. That may be ready to change thanks to McDonald’s Australia.

The land down under is attempting to throw a little panache into the McDonald’s experience. A branch in Warilla, Australia has begun offering table service and, more importantly, fine china. Nothing says Mickey Dees like actual knives and forks. This also means an actual waitstaff will be there to lay that Quarter Pounder down in front of you like the classy individual you always knew you were. Don’t forget to tip.

This is not the first time this particular McDonald’s has innovated. The owners have even tested a mobile app that lets customers order and pay before they arrive. Viva la future!

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