Today in Bizarro World: McDonald’s Turkey Unveils Healthy Breakfast Menu

Eating breakfast at McDonald’s is bound to sate your hunger and get you ready for the day ahead. It is also bound to give you a stomachache and make you vow to eat only lettuce for the next week. In short, it’s about as healthy as swimming around in a pool of butter with your mouth open. On the other side of the world, however, it is quite a different story.

McDonald’s Turkey now offers a “Turkish Breakfast Menu” that looks downright healthy. The combo meal comes with a small omelet, an English muffin, sliced cucumbers, olives and even tomatoes. There are no sausages or deep-fried potatoes on this menu!

As always with this kind of stuff, it is unlikely the company will begin offering cucumber slices in America. After all, the 1,200 calorie Big Breakfast continues to sell like, um, hotcakes.


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