Pick Your Meat (Loaf): Beef, Pork or Turkey

By: Cameron Curtis

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Photo by: Tara Donne ©Food Network

Tara Donne, Food Network

Ground meat may be a prerequisite for meatloaf recipes everywhere, but that doesn't have to mean ground beef. Keep your meatloaf classic or swap it out for your meat of choice to make this comfort food classic.

1. Good Eats Meatloaf (pictured above)

In just an hour and ten minutes, Alton's meatloaf can be on your family's dinner table. He uses both ground chuck and ground sirloin in his mixture that gets just enough kick from cayenne pepper and chili powder. Brush the meatloaf with a catsup, cumin, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce and honey glaze to keep each piece moist.

Ellie's lighter meatloaf comes together with quick-cooking oats, ground turkey breast and bell peppers. But don't think that swapping in turkey meat means less flavor. This leaner version has all the great taste of a classic meatloaf but with a lot fewer calories.

On the other hand, you can throw caution into the wind and double up your pork intake with this ground pork shoulder meatloaf recipe that's wrapped in ribbons of bacon. Slice and serve on a toasted bun and top with coleslaw and spicy fig compote.

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