This British Bacon Sandwich is Porking Expensive

Everybody loves bacon.* Everybody loves sandwiches. Everybody loves, um, spending lots of money on needless extravagances? OK, maybe not so much that last one but bacon and sandwiches sure do go well together. The BLT would be rabbit food without it, after all.  One British cafe has thrown together a new bacon sandwich monstrosity that’ll please your taste buds, but probably not your wallet.

The Tangberry Coffee House in Cheltenham, Gloustershire has titled their creation the Bacon Bling sandwich and bringing home all of this bacon will set you back $237. What do you get for that outlandish price tag? Seven slices of rare breed bacon, sliced truffles, saffron, a free range egg and, sigh, edible gold dust.

The sandwich has been dubbed the most expensive bacon sandwich in the world by the World Record Academy. Also, the money you drop on it will be donated to charity. So what are you waiting for? Spend a good portion of your rent on one sandwich!

*This does not include people who keep kosher, vegetarians or anyone who does not like bacon.

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