Magical App Turns Pizza Drawings Into Actual Pizza


Back when the Internet was beginning its sinewy grasp of every nook and cranny of our lives, we were told it would change how we did just about everything. This has proven to be true, after all you are reading this on a computer and not a newspaper. But what about eating pizza? Eating pizza hasn't changed too much.

Don’t worry. The Internet is on top of it. A new app by Jonas Lund is named ‘Paint Your Pizza’ and it lets you do just that. Just head to the site, scribble out some ridiculous pizza drawing and then wait. In theory, that pizza drawing will then be turned into an actual pizza and delivered to your door to the delight and amusement of everyone around you. The cost of each pie is said to be $36.

Now for the bad news. This is only a concept app for now. You can sign on, paint your pizza and then wait. However, there isn't yet an apparatus in place to make the actual pizza. While you wait why not just order a pizza and move the toppings around yourself?


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